Magi Azul - Caribe Beach House

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Silver Lining

I love summer on the island. The winter winds die down replaced by soft tropical breezes that drift like a lullaby over your skin. This morning I am enjoying my coffee and Bible as I watch the morning sun sparkle on the waves like a thousand flecks of silver. Some sort of black sea birds swoop over the water looking for their breakfast. My favorite are the pelicans who glide by on the same mission. Today is slightly overcast so I am mercifully spared from the blaze of the sun.
Later I plan on going to the lot and working on finishing details. The house as you can see from the pictures is coming along splendidly. They poured the second floor ceiling last week when we returned from Missouri. We had hastily flown home to be with my wonderful father-in-law, Ray Fauscett, before he went to be with the Lord. It was actually a time of love and growing closer as we all cared for Dad his last days with us. His funeral was beautiful and filled with family and friends who loved and respected him. Now he is watching us from heaven.
We have returned to the island and the realities of building and are experiencing the "should haves." If you have ever built a house you have experienced this. We should have done this or we should have done that. We are realizing that my change in floor plans because of the neighbor's palapa may have been a mistake. In fact, we are wondering if we should have built on the left side of our lot instead of the right. But now things cannot be changed. I am praying there is an underlying purpose that I don't know about right now for how it is laid out. I told a friend earlier today who was experiencing a hardship that I always look for a silver lining. So I will take my own advice. There is plenty of silver lining on this beautiful Caribbean island. So for now I will enjoy the breeze on my skin and the morning sun breaking through the clouds. I will listen to the sound of the surf, the neighbor's dog barking and the occasional car or motto passing by. I will send Sophia to get eggs across the street and make some guacamole. Then after a day of errands and time spent at the lot, I will end my day where I started it -- looking at the sunset over this beautiful ocean with a book in my lap and a coffee mug in my hand.