Magi Azul - Caribe Beach House

Enjoy my family's adventure living on a Caribbean island as they build a boutique vacation beach house. Get a peek at island living and join me in some mischievous musings!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Where do I begin? My architect and contractor, Lucy, had to have emergency surgery and could not come to work for 2 weeks. Her husband, Sergio, who is also an engineer along with Stan and myself have been trying to be at the site to supervise matters. At the same time we moved out of our dumpy apartment (no small feat after a year of living here) into a luxury condo that is heaven on earth for me right now. It was just what I needed this last leg of our race. It is so nice to have a washing machine and not smell mildew on everything. I love the kitchen here. I have counter space, a full size refrigerator and an oven! I can plug more than one appliance in without the electricity going off, I do not have to mop up water in the apartment after every rain and I do not have to sit directly in front of an oscillating fan 24/7. The grounds are gorgeous, the view is stunning, and the A/C is delicious!
Last week the crew had to rip up 1/3 of the MBR that they had laid improperly. Two of the three bedrooms so far have had to have tiles ripped up because the pattern was off. Now however, they seem to grasp what we want. We still watch them, but now it seems we don't have to correct them so much. The stonework is gorgeous, especially the wall behind the pool. The aluminum window manufacturers have installed doors and windows downstairs on the ocean side. They have not passed Stan's splash test yet, but hopefully they will eventually. He tosses water on the outside of the windows, and if it leaks in he figures it isn't sealed well enough. When you get horizontal rain on the ocean you must have well sealed windows.
The carpenters are beginning to bring wood work over. I am excited to see the cabinet and closet doors. Hopefully we will have Lucy back with us when we begin the kitchen and patio/pool area. We have had a building site for so long, it is hard to imagine it finished and habitable. But hopefully in a couple months we will have reached our goal. Until then we are rejoicing in our new condo, admiring progress made, and praying for Lucy's full recuperation. We are thankful for God's grace and provision and are in awe of how He paves the way before us. It seems that what ever is thrown our way, God is somehow making it a blessing. And so I am learning to focus not on the obstacle, but on the One who always provides a way through it. Looking back I can see His footprints in the sand. I know it's a corny ending - but since we are on an island it seems apropos.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I See the Light

There is finally light at the end of the long, long tunnel. We still have quite some way to go, but I can see a glimmer of light in the distance! The stress was quite high at the beginning stages of finish work, but it seems to be tapering off. Most of the larger issues have been resolved. I now love my multi-tono stone floors, and we have begun the process of grouting them. Now the big challenge is making sure the workers get all the concrete off without leaving that concrete haze so common in Mexico. This is no small task. We put 3 coats of sealer on the stone prior to grouting, but they are so pitted and textured that it is still difficult to get them clean. Stan, Lucy and I, all get in there with sponges to try to help. The guys are really trying hard. But you still have to keep watching them. They will finish one room just the way you like it, and then go onto the next one and revert to their old way of doing things. Por ejemplo (For example), you would think after I say, "Rodundo esquinas porfavor (rounded corners please,)" over 100 times in the past 6 months that they would understand that I want ALL the edges in the house rounded. Just when you think they have it there is a new worker on site that doesn't know the mantra. What's really funny is listening to me trying to explain a design change when Lucy is not there to translate. I have learned that when they nod and say. "Si." That does not mean they understand. But I would not trade our crew for any other. They are hard working, have the patience of Job, and are very good at what they do.
Next week we are having to move out of our flat we have been renting for the past 6 months because someone else has reserved it. God in His mercy has provided a luxury condo for us to stay in. The past 6 months have been what I call Caribbean camping - no A/C, no washer (except for a tub), no hot water. Everything in our old flat is rusted and broken; but I won't complain too much, because we have gorgeous views and wonderful breezes. It also makes me appreciate modern conveniences now that I will have them soon. I am counting the days until we move into our new place. Now that our return trip has been postponed because of construction, Gramma Fauscett is coming to visit us. We are happy we will have a nice place for her to stay while she is here. Well I'm off to the lot to check grouting and admire the stone wall they just finished in the master bedroom. Today is Saturday, and the workers only work half a day; so that means I get half a day off too. So it is time for some poolside R&R with Sophie. Adios amigos!