Magi Azul - Caribe Beach House

Enjoy my family's adventure living on a Caribbean island as they build a boutique vacation beach house. Get a peek at island living and join me in some mischievous musings!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here in Missouri we are digging in for sub zero temperatures, but on Isla Mujeres they are about to fiinnaallly begin building walls. All the new pictures on the slide show related to the building are the foundation. But what a pretty foundation it is! The pictures are basically the support walls, footings and cisterns under the house. Today I am pulling out my first suitcase in preparations for our departure in 3 weeks. I'll be carrying things like faucets, 10 jars of natural peanut butter (non-existent in Cancun), a bread maker, rice cooker, water filtration system, comforters, protein powder, and on and on the list goes ending with a Chihuahua and Stuart (my little black poochie). Don't worry; I'm not packing them today. We will certainly be a sight to see at the airport - 3 people with 6 giant suitcases, and 6 carry-ons (2 of which are dogs!) I'm thinking about drugging Stuart and possibly myself! Anyway, it makes this cold weather a little more bearable knowing that in 3 weeks I'll be back to my ocean breezes, sunshine and guacamole!