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Monday, June 6, 2011

Day Dreaming

I am back in the twilight zone of the U.S.A. biding my time until I can return to Mexico. I pass the time preparing for a garage sale (ugh, yuck, gag.)  We were watching American Pickers today, and I thought I should give them a call  to come to our house.  After buying artifacts from around the world for our store for  years, I must confess my house looks like a hoarder house - a luxury hoarder mind you. Sometimes I  imagine the liberation of selling it all and escaping to the island with my flip flops and Indian jewlery (a girl's got to have her accessories.)  Anyway I am sorting through my luxurious junk and all the non-essentials of life like 40 pairs of shoes and a closet jammed with clothes that I've had so long they are vintage.  I am thinking of my life on the island and all it's earthy, sweaty simplicity.  I miss buying my roasted chickens from Fannie, or trying to get to the marina to buy fish right off the boat.  I miss buying tortillas at La Gloria and chaya from Helmy.  I miss giving Armin jamaica (a hibiscus drink)  that he is too polite to say  is too strong.  I miss unexpected knocks on the door because no one uses a phone on the island.  I miss waving at people whom I've never met in my life.  (We're friendly.)  I miss the bright sunshine, the wind blowing off the ocean and the pelicans diving for their meals. I miss floating on my back looking at a starry moonlit sky. I miss, I miss, I miss - I guess I need to change my focus and look for the wonders around me now instead of day dreaming of life in Mexico. I remember getting in trouble in grade school for day dreaming and I don't really like biding my time either.  After all the fireflies are beginning to glow in the backyard, my daughter is bouncing around the living room chattering about Disneyland and the air smells of roses and honeysuckles.  Life has it's pleasures where ever I am.


  1. Ha! Ha! Your twilight zone is my reality and vice versa! I know we need to see the Isla, but I don't like to sweat. This is really a great blog.

    Love Ya, Dad

  2. found you through Eleni`s. i got intrigued reading where you`re living. i just had to visit! you have an interesting blog here. i`ll follow your adventures : )