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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stormy Weather

Outside my window the sea is churning and the waves are white with foam. We are having a tropical storm and Stan says it will be here 2 days. I am up in my little perch listening to the wind howl, and sipping hot coffee with books piled all around me. This is paradise indeed! It's the island's version of being snowed in.
Last night I taught my first Bible study with an interpreter. When I was first asked to speak I thought it was for a women's Bible study, but it ended up being a meeting for the whole church. I was encouraged as I sought the Lord for the service, and I pray the precious congregation was too. My interpreter, Jose, was good and asked if he could keep my notes when I was through. My Pastor asked me to preach 2 Sundays from now; and I am excited as I seek the Lord for what he would have me to share. I hope to challenge the people with His Word, knowing I too will be challenged for I am always preaching to myself first. God's Word is a refining fire, and how I love it's heat.

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  1. So excited for the open doors to ministry and how God is using you! I am also so excited to have finally "re-found" your blog!
    our big adventure begins in FOUR days!
    Love and blessings