Magi Azul - Caribe Beach House

Enjoy my family's adventure living on a Caribbean island as they build a boutique vacation beach house. Get a peek at island living and join me in some mischievous musings!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's not all coconuts.

Whenever you say you live on an island in Mexico, people begin to ooooh and aaahhh. But one of my missionary friends who has lived abroad said knowingly, "It's not all coconuts - is it?" I just finished reading one of my friend's blogs about her frustrations in Mexico with a chuckle and an "I feel your pain" in my heart. But there must be some sadomasochistic tendency in me because for some reason I always come back loving the good and putting up with the bad and the ugly. Anyway in 6 days we will joyfully return to Isla Mujeres. I will once again try to shove a cacophony of household goods into 6 suitcases - 4 lights, swimming pool equipment, bedspreads, mattress pads, pictures,leopard pillows, foodstuffs, toys,candle holders,and an urn. We are Mexico's version of the Beverly Hillbillies when we go through the airport, except we have a chihuahua instead of a bloodhound. (I know you are thinking Granny probably did not have leopard pillows.) I go by the strategy that if your family has enough suitcases they will just wave you on so they don't have to search through all your crap. Anyway I am making preparations for our pilgrimage with great anticipation. Hasta la vista baby!