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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Journey Continues!

The Journey continues on Isla Mujeres as we return after a wonderful winter break with family and friends. Although I enjoyed the beautiful snowfall in Missouri, a couple weeks of it is sufficient. I've traded my wool coat and winter boots for flip flops and my Panama hat. We are thrilled with sunny 85 degree days and the sound of the surf out our window. Our house is finally beginning to look like a house. The bottom floor is getting close to having all it's walls. It was so amazing to be standing in rooms that I spent months drawing on paper. I am very happy with the progress and the work that Lucy and Sergio are doing. She ordered the wood timbers for the ceilings several days ago. I can't wait to see them up.
We have a new flat that we are living in that I describe as muy rustico! It is much more spacious than the one room we lived in for 2 and a half months last time. It has 2 extra large turquoise colored rooms. The kitchen, livingroom and Sophia's bed are in one room and our bed is in the other room. What it lacks in creature comforts - A/C, ceiling fans, and hot water in the sinks (there is hot water in the shower), it makes up in space and a wonderful view. We are right on the water so we get a constant sea breeze so it isn't too bad without A/C. It may be another story in June. We are right in a Mexican Colonia called la Gloria. Stuart, Oscar (our two dogs) and I went exploring this morning and I found a tortillaria (tortilla factory) a couple blocks away. It is worth the walk for fresh, warm tortillas. There is a fairly nice grocers close by, a jogging trail around a lagoon, and a panderia (bread and pastry shop) just around the corner. I may need that jogging trail!
Sophia has started a modern dance class and oil painting class. Next week we will also start to schedule volunteering at the language school for Mexican children on the island. The language school is walking distance from our flat so it will be nice to be in the neighborhood with many of the children we will be helping. We still need to go to Cancun and buy a few supplies. In another week I think we will be settled and off and running. For now we are happy to continue our dream in the making on sunny Isla Mujeres!

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  1. You're from Missouri?? We are as well! From Springfield. Now I really WILL have to follow your blog!