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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Confession

I have a confession to make. My blog is called Island Living, but we don't live on the island anymore.  We are rented so much that we now live in Merida, Mexico most of the time and run to the island when we have a vacancy. My dreams of island living have been thwarted by success! But I have no need to shed any tears. I enjoy the best of 2 worlds - cultured life in a historic city and laid back island life. We are actually about to start renovating a 150 year old French Colonial house and will rent out a cute little casita in the back of our property. I think it will be called The Arbor - Casita.   Merida is located about 3 hours from Isla Mujeres and about 30 minutes from the coastal town of Progresso. It was named the safest city in all of Mexico and is even called the La Cuidad de Paz or The City of Peace.  With it's gorgeous architecture, wonderful shopping and restaurants and central location to many  nearby site-seeing destination, it it the perfect home base to see the Yucatan.  There is always something going on almost nightly. From theater to museums and festivals there is never a shortage of things to do.  Convent and hacienda tours, Chichenitza ruins, and beautiful cenotes to swim in are just minutes away. Anyway, I have been a little (ok mucho) slack in writing about the island, because I haven't had the pleasure of being there.  But don't think I have forgotten my island paradise. Since I will not be mesmerized by the blue water I may actually write a blog about something practical like tipping since I always get asked questions about it all the time. Or I think I may write about some of my favorite restaurants on the island (I miss you Basto's!)  So now that you know my conscience can be at rest. I'm still island living,\ - but it is only very part time now.  But that makes it all the more sweeter.



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  2. You are truly living my dream. I spent a few hours the other night trying to convince my husband that we need to move to the Caribbean and start a bed and breakfast. He thinks we should wait until our children are grown, ever so practical :) Stumbled across your blog as I am trying to plan our ten year anniversary trip, hoping to stay on Isla Mujeres.

    1. Dear Kristi,
      I love the life we live, but it does come with some sacrifice for all parties involved.
      2 of our 3 children are grown. Our baby is 12 and she does miss a "normal" life in the U.S. I tell her constantly when she is older she will be glad we lived the adventure. We did, however, move to a wonderful Colonial city about 3 hours from our beach house. It offers more educational opportunites,and a better family atmosphere to raise a child. Sophie did however, love living on the island. It is actually easier to move to Mexico when your child is young (before 10) or wait till they are grown. Change gets more difficult for kids in their teen and preteen years. However, if your kids are up for the adventure go for it! I will say that living abroad tends to strengthen your family unit. Thanks for commenting.I will be writing a new blog soon.