Magi Azul - Caribe Beach House

Enjoy my family's adventure living on a Caribbean island as they build a boutique vacation beach house. Get a peek at island living and join me in some mischievous musings!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Preparing for a New Adventure

Three weeks from now I will have toes in the white sands of Isla Mujeres. I can feel the sea breeze already and my stomach is growling in anticipation of fresh ceviche. "I AM READY!! Isla here I come!" - Wait a minute; I am not ready really. Hey, but I have three weeks to cram 2 months of homeschool supplies, more books, a blender, computers, a guitar, protein powder, various littlest Pet Shop toys, 3 sets of snorkling gear, dive boots and fins, blue prints and houseplan books and oh yah, -clothes into 3 suitcases and 3 carry-ons. I am buying things I will need for the house that I cannot get in Mexico easily, beginning lists for Lisha, our faithful friend and housesitter, and trying to tie up all loose ends here before we depart on our grand adventure! I am full of anticipation for what lays before us. I know it is more than building a house. I am excited to begin the journey! Stay posted for the continuing adventures of the Fauscett family!