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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Poco a Poco

As is my morning ritual,  I am making out my to-do-list for the day and transferring yesterday's undone endeavors to the fresh page of my organizer.  What is dismaying is the fact that all week I seem to be transferring the same list from one day to the next with very little progress in diminishing  it's length. "Exercise" being the most dubious  repeat offender of my transferred tasks. I attribute this sad state of affairs to the fact that I live on an island in Mexico where everything is "muy tranquilo."  I am not really complaining as much as taking observational note of my rather American mind-set of productivity. I am learning that the quality of my day is not determined by how many checks I have on my list, but by how many golden moons I have savored over the waves that roll upon my beach each night.  Or perhaps it is gauged by how many games of  "Leach" I play in the pool with my 11 year-old.
Nevertheless, I am trying to reconcile my guilt for my lack of checks with the fact that things just take longer to accomplish here.  At this time there is no such thing as one stop shopping on the island.  That is changing with the arrival of Cheddraui in Dec. which I have very mixed feelings about. We will talk about that next week. Now I go to Jelmi for most of my fruits, veggies, and fresh eggs.  Whatever she doesn't have Raphael, Louisa, or Sophia have.  I get fresh orange juice from Mercedes, tortillas from the tortillaria, grilled chicken from the corner chicken stand, and my cheese and yogurt from Express.  I am learning to do things little by little and savoring the journey as I go. I just tell myself that list will still be there tomorrow.  I will get it done poca a poca.

Gracias Sergio!

 I am rejoicing that today my computer has risen from the dead thanks to Sergio. After a month of exile from my own computer, I am back!