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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Slow Goin' in Mexico

It has been sllooowww going in Mexico. We have been here 6 weeks and only have the seawall up. But we did have a 3 week delay with biology studies and engineers in the beginning. This week they are bringing in truckloads of boulders to fill the hole behind the seawall. Once the foundation is down the walls will go up pretty fast. As in life, a good foundation takes time. I have been constantly sketching and modifying details on the house while I still can. Since we nixed the yoga center for a stronger foundation, we have decided to add a big palapa to the roof of the house that we are going to call the Tree House. For those who want a real Caribbean experience it will have a beautiful grass roof, a hammock of course, rooftop views of the Caribbean and the bay of Cancun with an Indian carved poster bed and amoire. Rusticity at it's finest! It will have no AC but the grass roof makes the room amazingly cooler. Our first home on the island had a grass roof and people would walk in and be surprised how refreshingly cool it was with just ceiling fans. All the heat can escape through the grass so you don't get the oven-like build up like you do in concrete and clay roofs. We plan on staying in it when we are there and all the suites are full. Sophia is excited about new friends she is making. When we return Sophia and I are going to volunteer at an English school on the island and sharpen our Spanish skills while helping kids with their English. Sophia will also make plenty of new friends and be contributing to others so we are looking forward to that with anticipation.
We have 3 weeks left till we return to the States for Thanksgiving and Christmas and although I am enjoying the island itself, I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends and not being in one room all the time. Speaking of this room, I am getting out of here and going to go sit on my seaside rock to read and pray. I'll be thinking of you.

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