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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Week in Paradise!

We have been on Isla Mujeres a little over a month and finally a building is starting to go up! We've had wranglings with the water company, wranglings with the city and all the head aches that make building in Mexico so intimidating. But in the end we have made it through thus far. We had a full several weeks of walking out to the lot to body surf and take pictures of the progress, homeschooling Sophia, and sketching out details for the house. When you are building on a windy salt-filled coastline there are so many factors to think about - what kind of shutters for hurricanes and security, how big to make doors and windows to get enough light but not too much heat, where to put light switches and lights and on and on. All three of us spend much of the day in our hotel room since Sophia homeschools. Well a month of 24/7 family bonding time in one room aint paradise! Plus we all three have to share one computer! (Did I hear a gasp?) The Bible says iron sharpens iron, and there has been a whole lot of rubbing going on. The scripture, "It is the glory of a king to overlook an offense" has once again helped me to get over myself! In the midst of it all we have enjoyed a Caribe Cultural festival that was going on in the zocolo for 4 nights. Every night was folk dancing and more folk dancing, but the highlight was a Cuban group that played some fabulous music that had everyone dancing. One day they played on the beach during the day and we happened to be there with an old friend and his family having a beach picnic and swimming. Tonight we ate Bochinette (a tasty fish here) at a little beach front eattery called Valaquez. It is a run down little place right next to the docks where the fisherman come in. You sit at red plastic Coca Cola tables with your feet squishing in the sand, ocean breezes swaying the palm branches and the moonlight glistening on the Caribbean. It's all the ambiance I need! Where else but Mexico can your Chihuahua run around the restaurant while your nine year old builds sand castles in front of your dining table. It definitely gives new meaning to the phrase "dining experience." Well until next week, I intend to enjoy the sunset every evening, walk the beach every morning and eat guacamole everyday! Paradise does have it's perks.

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