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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top of the World

Everyday I am loving the island more. Today is Saturday, and it is my favorite time of the week. It is the one day I can totally relax - no Taebo, no home school and no appointments. The steady sound of the surf mixed with the warm tropical breeze has a tranquilizing effect. They say watching an aquarium lowers your blood pressure. Well magnify that by one hundred, and you will get a glimpse of my tranquility.
I am so glad we are building just outside of town so I can enjoy the privacy of the beach and waves alone. We are close enough, however, to walk or take my golf cart to town in minutes if I get the urge to socialize. Today I may indulge myself and drive in for a crepe filled with Nutella (a hazelnut chocolate) and bananas. Yes, I definitely love Saturdays.
Today I will go by the house and the workers will be gone, so I can walk around and imagine it finished. They have started on the second level, and it is so exciting watching everything pull together. I couldn't be happier with our results so far. The house is evolving as Lucy, Stan and I make changes along the way. I am so glad we are here during the process, because when you are actually standing in a room you realize that some of your ideas may not work well. Yesterday I totally changed Grace's room configuration to open it up more. We've also added windows where there were none and little details here and there.
Also at one time I thought roof top terraces were hardly used. But now as I am sitting on one writing and overlooking the ocean I have changed my mind. David, a new friend we met, rented the apartment behind us for several months. He would sit on the roof everyday and watch the fish swimming 3 stories below. I would go up on the roof to hang laundry, and he would point out his latest discoveries, such as a parrot fish or a sting ray. Now I have discovered the delights of this private pinnacle. So here I am looking out over waters rippling in various shades of turquoise planning my own ivory tower of stucco and stone - my own little top of the world.

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