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Thursday, January 24, 2013

What to Do When It's Raining on Isla Mujeres

I just saw this title on a video and I clicked it thinking, " Oh what a great subject." Well it was just a video of a deary rain storm on Isla Mujeres with no suggestions of what to do. I was so disappointed.  Ironically, I had just received an e-mail from a client asking me if there was anything I could do about the rain. Well, I may not be able to chase those rain clouds away; but I can give my suggestions of things to do on a wet and windy day. Here is a list of my favorite tried and true diversions.

1. Read - read -read! Pour a steaming cup of cafe and curl up on the double chaise sofa.  If you didn't bring a book we have some in the writing loft. We have:  A Thousand  Splendid Suns, Kite Runner or The Alchemist and many others.

2. Gin and Chocolate!  I have fond memories of my husband and I playing Gin (the card game) on our bed.while devouring a whole canister of tequila filled Turin chocolates. Of course I always won. Or at least that's how I remember it!

3. Great Excuse for a Candle Light Dinner! We have a professional commercial stove. Crank up your burners and get your iron chef on! (Candles are in the buffet in the living room.)

4. Bubble Bath Time - When it is cold and damp on the island a steaming bubble bath is a luxury you can take time to enjoy. Our jetted tub comes with a great view of the crashing waves. Pour a glass of wine and sit back and soak. Aaaah.

5. Get a taxi and go to Mi Secreto Salon and have a Coffee Mint Pedicure!  Seated on silk pillows, you can sip a cappuccino or glass of wine while enjoying a little bit of pampering with a beautiful view of the Caribbean while you are getting your feet massaged and beautiful. (Do this even if it isn't raining!)

6. Snuggle and Watch a Movie - Break out the the microwave popcorn and watch a movie!

7. Have an in house massage!  Call Armin and he can arrange one.

8. I know this is pathetic, but break out your Ipad and have guilt free Pinterest time! What else do you have to do?

9. Watch another movie! I know, I know I'm  cheating.

10. Last but not least - "All You Need is Love."  I'll let you figure that one out.!

This list has actually inspired me to make a Rainy Day Kit for my guests at Magi Azull. Well that is my list of my top 10 things to do if it is raining on Isla Mujeres. If I missed one of yours, share them with me!.

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