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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Es Mexico!

Well we have finished week 2 in Mexico and are beginning week three. Our building as virtually stopped as engineers do ground studies to find rock and make decisions about the best way to proceed. Since we arrived we have been waiting for results. Things just don't move fast in Mexico. It is especially hard for Stan who likes to get things done expeditiously. There is no such word in Mexico. I believe in Mexico the term is "manana." Anyway, we are still studying our Spanish. Sophia has hit the books hard after a week of vacation. Yesterday Sophia received her belated birthday present which was to swim with the dolphins. They have a place called Dolphin Discovery that has several swim packages. We paid a rather large sum and I had my camera ready to capture the moment she had been waiting for for months. Well to our dismay, when it was time for her to go out to the docks, they would not let us go out with her if we were not swimming too, not even to watch her. They had camera people who were right there taking all kind of photos that they then sell to you after the dolphin swim . I would have not taken photos, if they would have just let us go see the joy on her face. Instead we had to stand at a great distance, facing the sun and watch the black stick figure that we surmised was our daughter since she was the only kid in the group. I put my camera on the highest zoom I could and miraculously caught the shots you see to the side. Considering how far away she was, that she was under a dock much of the time and I was shooting into the sun it was to my delight that I caught the exact moments of dolphin kisses, hand shakes, and boogie board rides. Most of the time I couldn't even tell where the dolphin was, but I think I had a little divine assistance in catching the shots I got. She fulfilled one of her dreams and now knows what it is like to swim with a dolphin.
Oscar, our baby Chihuahua, has become somewhat of an island celebrity. Everywhere we go heads turn, children squeal, and accolades such as, "Ahhh perito! Ohhhh Percioso! " spill out of open mouths. People want to pet him, pick him up and even buy him from me. He, meanwhile, is loving it all and licking and kissing every face offered him. He seems to adapting well to morning walks on the beach, and life in one of our laps. Well Sophia has finished homeschooling and is about to read Chronicles of Narnia with Dad, and then it is off to the beach for a sunset swim! Until next week - adios amigos!

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